Sunday, January 25

Köln Germany

Malzmühle Brewery at 18:00

Stop by for a traditional German meal at Köln's second oldest brewery. This establishment comes highly recommended by the locals, and we've booked space for 40 attendees.

Jameson Distillery Pub at 20:30

Self-described as “Köln’s number one karaoke party,” this is where the Symfony conference tradition all started back in 2011. The show runs until midnight, so be sure to stop in and hear the wurst performances from your fellow conference attendess.

Monday, January 26

Köln Germany

Tour through Köln all day

Those staying in town for the Symfony meetup are invited to come along during the day for a tour through Köln. We’ll try to grab some currywurst for lunch, visit the famous Kölner Dom for a bit, and then make a detour for some mustards.

Symfony User Group at 19:00

Andreas Hucks pulled a few strings and moved January’s Symfony meetup to coincide with WurstCon! Yitzchok Willroth has been tapped for a talk, and Jeremy Mikola may also contribute a shocking presentation to wrap up the evening. Food and drink will be provided, and WurstCon attendees are invited to drop by the office earlier in the day if they need a place to get some work done.

All guests are kindly requested to RSVP on the Meetup page.

Tuesday, January 27

Frankfurt Germany

Frankfurt PHP User Group at 19:00

Yitzchok Willroth (aka @coderabbi) is bringing his Wisdom as a Service tour through Germany and will be headlining the Frankfurt PHP User Group's January meetup. Davey Shafik is also booked to present.

All guests are kindly requested to RSVP on the event page.

Wednesday, January 28

Berlin Germany

Berlin PHP User Group at 19:00

The Wisdom as a Service tour continues the following night at the Berlin PHP User Group. Yitzchok Willroth and Davey Shafik are scheduled to present and ResearchGate will be graciously hosting the event.

Friday, January 30

Brussels Belgium

MongoDB Belgium Meet and Greet at 17:30

The MongoDB Belgium user group will be hosting a meet and greet while a few MongoDB engineers are in town for FOSDEM: Norberto Liete, Emily Stolfo, and some guy named Jeremy Mikola. The venue is only a short walk from Delirium Café, which hosts FOSDEM's traditional pre-conference beer event.

FOSDEM’s Friday Beer Event at 18:00

The pre-conference party is going to be huge, with over 25 beers on tap, over two thousand other varieties available by the bottle, and bar service until the wee hour of 6:00 the next morning.

Saturday, January 31

Brussels Belgium

FOSDEM 2015 all day

“FOSDEM is a free event that offers open source communities a place to meet, share ideas and collaborate.” Join over 5,000 attendees at Université Libre de Bruxelles’ Solbosch campus for a truly memorable conference.

Ruby and PHP Karaoke at 21:00

Davey Shafik, PJ Hagerty, and the Engineyard crew are organizing a karaoke event for Ruby and PHP friends. We'll also head out for pre-karaoke dinner somewhere nearby!

Sunday, February 1

Brussels Belgium

FOSDEM 2015 all day

On Sunday, the PHP developer room will be open for business. Feel free to drop in at any point during the day to catch a talk or two.

Additional activites TBA.