Is This Really a Conference?

Yes! How many times do we have to plan elaborate trips to eat sausages before people stop asking that question?

Will There Be Talks?

We don't want to bore you with how the sausage is made, but there will be talks. WurstCon is founded on the idea that we can have a conference anywhere, for any reason. It's what we do.

WurstCon also partners with many PHP conferences to provide a food-based sub-conference dining experience. If you are attending a PHP conference there will probably be a WurstCon, or one of our approved and affiliated food sister conferences, there!

If you are a conference and want to have a WurstCon, make sure to invite us! We do talks!

Who's Behind This?

Back in September 2014, Jeremy Mikola and Matt Frost decided to head to Hot Doug's to eat one last hot dog before the restaurant closed down forever. A bunch of people including the bearded Daniel Cousineau, the naked Chuck Reeves, the drunk Phil Sturgeon, and half-man, half-dragon, half-tank Chris Tankersley piled into a spacious SUV to head to Chicago.

Oh, and Sammy Kaye Powers lived there, so he didn't have to suffer for the car ride. And Matt drove ahead, knowing that spending all that time in the Sante Fe would be his doom. They all made it.

Then, Jeremy promised a dozen jealous Europeans that WurstCon would one day come to their side of the Atlantic. Anthony Ferrara then attempted to back this idea on Kickstarter, but gave up after becoming distracted by yet another elePHPant fundraiser.

Thankfully, a Texan by the name of Daniel Cousineau, who history buffs will immediately recognize as a WurstCon 2014 veteran, hopped aboard and the wheels were set in motion. As more and more folks signed on, it soon became apparent that WurstCon 2015 would have no shortage of cooks.

Since then WurstCon has ballooned into multiple outings for conference goers, many of which are not listed on this site. If you hadn't guessed, we're not really the type to keep track of things, or plan anything. The fact this website exists is a miracle unto itself.


Get in touch with us on Twitter at @WurstCon, or bother one of the many, many people to whom we've handed out board positions.