That’s right… we’re back! WurstCon is invading Europe on January 25, 2015. After PHP Benelux wraps up Saturday, our merry band of travelers will depart Antwerp and make our way to Köln, Germany for the best wurst that Euro can buy (in Köln, at least). Based on feedback from WurstCon 2014, we've gotten rid of the 18-hour road trips and 8-hour lines. Attendees will be pleased to here that we’ve got an entire schedule full of events planned this year.

From Köln, we'll move further into Germany throughout the week with stops in Frankfurt and Berlin. And at the week’s end, we’ll do an about face and dash back to Brussels for FOSDEM.


We're positively delighted that several legitimate entities have decided to throw their support behind WurstCon. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, please take a look at our prospectus.